JK 高速全自动圆压圆模切机-精科纸箱机械有限公司
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JK 高速全自动圆压圆模切机

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◆ 模切辊为优质钢材质,壁厚 30mm,平衡校正,镀硬铬;
◆ 墙板为优质铸铁材质,壁厚 50mm,大型加工中心制作;
◆ 软辊自动修磨机构提高胶套重复使用率,可修磨 3—4 次;
◆ 线速度自动补偿确保每一批纸箱的模切尺寸完全一致;
◆ 进口美国 CUE 聚胺脂胶垫,安装方便,模切 1200 万次;
◆ 机械式软辊左右横向移动 40mm,胶垫磨损均匀;
◆ 六级精磨齿轮采用 40cr 材质,噪音低,使用寿命长;
◆ 模切辊汽缸式自动分离装置,减少胶套磨

Die Cutting Department:

◆ Die-cutting roller is the high quality steel materials, 30mm thickness, balance correction, hardchrome plating.
◆ Wallboard is high-quality cast iron material, 50mm thickness , and large processing center production
◆ Soft-roll automatic grinding institutions improve rubber sleeve to pouches repeat usage and can grinding 3-4 times.
◆ Line speed automatic compensation to ensure that each batch of cardboard boxes full of diesize line
◆ The rubber is CUE polyurethane from America,easy to install and can die-cutting 12millon times
◆ Mechanical soft roll about 40 mm lateral movement, the pads wear uniform.
◆ Six level grinding gears used 40cr material, low noise, long life.
◆ Die-cutting roller cylinder automatic separation devices to reduce rubber wear.